Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is without a doubt many businesses have received a fair share of the effects due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a survey done by Facebook, about 31 percent of small and medium-sized firms have closed shop in the last three months. But the situation has been bad for the automotive industry and personal businesses.  Numerous reasons have been cited to explain why businesses have failed, but a majority of businesses say strict government protocols while some claimed it was due to financial struggles. What's more, increased operational costs coupled with smaller revenues have compounded the challenge. 

The inability to access capital or funding from financial institutions and reduced sales have largely contributed to the growing challenges businesses are facing amidst the pandemic. Even some of the giant tech companies have resorted to a call for 'buy-local' so as to appeal to their local clientele. Since the novel coronavirus held the entire world at ransom, companies have been trying to stay afloat through sustained marketing. But how has Don Forman Nissan been able to navigate these challenges? The automotive industry has not been left out---many automotive firms have slowed down their activities and even though a number of them are slowly going back to business, they are still not able to fully recover. 

Many businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 in the last three months. The global economy has been on the verge of collapse with millions losing jobs and tens of millions bearing the brunt of pay cuts. Every industry has experienced an unprecedented recession during this pandemic but it seems things are getting back to near normalcy. But the truth is that it will take some time before businesses recover fully.

Don Forman Nissan has pulled through despite the challenges thanks to its focus on community support. Having adopted a different business model from the rest of the players, Don Forman has created a team of dedicated staff that was there at the time when the community needed financial help and emotional support. 

Sustained Community-wide Charity

Don Forman United Nissan is among a few enterprises that have been instrumental in steering the charitable work without looking back. They have never looked back or ignored the call to help people who need emotional support and financial support. For many years, he has offered hope to brilliant but poor students whose future to achieve their dreams would have been shut. Through his goodwill, a good number of needy students have seen the light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

Don Forman Has Stood with Victims of the Pandemic

Through community-based projects, Don Forman has assisted people to overcome the heat of the pandemic in a number of ways. For example, the firm established a support fund that focused primarily on boosting businesses through funding their operations. Given that people's revenues have been shrinking with time means businesses and individuals have been struggling to meet their obligations. But Don Forman Nissan set aside its profit motive and instead took it upon itself to showcase its strong philanthropy. In fact, many automotive firms have been wondering how Don Forman has managed to succeed despite the fact that a colossal amount of revenue has been channeled towards community support.

As a philanthropist with a golden heart, Don Forman has been there to help people who've lost their loved ones to coronavirus as well as those who were affected in one way or the other. People have been depressed but the good news is that Don Forman Automotive has walked with them every step of the way to help them realize a better tomorrow.